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Supporting Paramedic Learning

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh is commencing a new and exciting BSc Paramedic Science programme in September 2020. As part of that programme we are looking for opportunities for our students to work more closely with third sector, voluntary and charitable organisations. This will help our learners to broaden and deepen their understanding of how people in our communities live, how they strive to live well and what support mechanisms are available to them. This will enable paramedics of the future to have greater insight into the needs and preferences of persons in diverse circumstances, including older persons and those living with homelessness, addiction, poverty or long term health conditions. Further to that, we hope that they deepen their understanding of social care requirements within our communities and the dignified approaches to support persons across the life span.

We are seeking opportunities for Paramedic learners to spend up to fifteen days per year working with Third Sector and voluntary organisations in each of their three years of study. If your organisation would be interested in working more closely with Queen Margaret University to support Paramedic learners please contact