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inspiring volunteer awards

Edinburgh's Inspiring Volunteer Awards reflect the exceptional range of organisations and individuals working in the city's vibrant charity and non-profit sectors

Edinburgh’s inspiring volunteers’ announced

Frank Ross, Rt. Hon. Lord Provost of The City of Edinburgh will honour some of the dedicated volunteers who give their time, energy and commitment to the people of Edinburgh at a special awards ceremony taking place at the City Chambers.

Now in its twelfth year, Edinburgh’s Inspiring Volunteer Awards reflect the exceptional range of organisations and individuals working in the city’s vibrant charity and non-profit sectors.

A wide age range is represented and awardees come from across the broad spectrum of cultures that make up our ever more diverse city.

Download the awards programme here or from the downloads box opposite (or below on a mobile device).

If you would like to post about the awards on social media please use the hashtag #VolunteersWeekScot.

Honour board

On Tuesday 3 June 2015, the Lord Provost unveiled a new Honour Board he commissioned which lists previous winners of the Lord Provost’s Inspiring Volunteer of the Year award since its inception in 2008. And it is intended to add to it each year as new winners are chosen.

This board is displayed in the City Chambers and this years winner Malcolm Scullion will be added following this years awards ceremony. You can read more about the Honour Board on our site here.

Pictured The former Lord Provost of Edinburgh Rt. Hon Donald Wilson with some of the previous winners of the Inspiring Volunteer of the Year award at the unveiling of the Honour Board in 2015.

Lord Provost’s Inspiring Volunteer of the Year 2018

  • Malcolm Scullion, Media Volunteer (Development Team), Thistle Foundation

After coming to Thistle and finding the support needed, Malcolm started volunteering to help others at Thistle while managing his own recovery.

Malcolm continuously looks for new ways to contribute and has taken on a wide range of volunteering roles over the last three years; providing peer support on Lifestyle Management courses, volunteering at events, media projects with Thistle’s development team, creating audio-visual material to help show the work Thistle does, recording our ‘Bit of a Blether’ podcasts; co-founded and facilitating our creative writing group – Scribblers, and setting up the group’s Facebook page so those who can’t attend can keep up-to-date and feel included. Malcolm’s also compiled an anthology of the group’s creative work to bring it to a wider audience, and supports outreach events across numerous venues too.

Each role undertaken has been incredibly valuable and Malcolm’s eagerness to support others comes through in everything he does. Recently the most significant and powerful gift Malcolm has given, is the sharing of his personal story in a high profile fundraising campaign. It’s a huge decision to take, and demonstrates the passion and belief Malcolm has to help others face life after a devastating diagnosis. The story challenges the assumption that conditions such as brain haemorrhages don’t affect young people, and that long-term conditions are a concern for older rather than for younger people. Malcolm hopes sharing his story will help people facing their own health challenges, of all ages, to feel less alone, and to know there is support out there for them. It’s an incredibly selfless undertaking.

This film about the Inspiring Volunteer of the Year 2018 – Malcolm Scullion, will be premiered at this years awards ceremony.

With thanks to volunteer Richard Morgan for shooting and editing this film.

Special Recognition Awards 2018

This year we have ten special recognition categories for volunteers involved in specific areas of activity.

  • Jasmine Harrison Youth Volunteering 2018 Volunteer Befriender, Home Link Family Support
  • Kinga Lesniak Health and Social Care Volunteering 2018 Cooking Session & Club Volunteer, Pilton Community Health Project
  • Aleksandra Szczygielska Environment & Conservation Volunteering 2018 Communities for Conservation Volunteer, Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council
  • Mary McKenna Trustee Volunteering 2018 Trustee on Board / Chairperson, Sikh Sanjog
  • Liston Walker Fundraising Volunteering 2018 Fundraising Administration Volunteer, Cyrenians
  • Sue Gyford Sports Volunteering 2018 Jogging Group Leader, The Welcoming
  • Paul Edwards Arts, Culture and Heritage Volunteering 2018 Volunteer Photographer, National Galleries of Scotland
  • James Galloway Tenant Participation Volunteering 2018 Edinburgh Tenants Federation Volunteer, Edinburgh Tenants Federation
  • Bob Hope Long Standing Contribution to Volunteering 2018 Chairman of the Board, Friends of the Award, Edinburgh and the Lothians (FOTA)
  • Marilyn Martin Strachan Charity Shop Volunteering 2018 Volunteer Shop Assistant, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

Teams invited to attend the awards ceremony

  • Edinburgh Mad Jam Open Mic Organisers
  • Festival City Volunteers, Festivals Edinburgh & Volunteer Edinburgh
  • Friday Club Volunteer Team, The Ripple Project
  • Street Assist Edinburgh
  • The Calders Childrens Zone Steering Group
  • The Just World Shop Management Team
  • The Quilters, The Welcoming
  • The Three Brian’s, Cyrenians Fareshare
  • The Tooligans, The Edinburgh Tool Library
  • Volunteer Services Volunteer Team, St Columba’s Hospice

Individuals invited to attend the awards ceremony

  • Adam Laidlaw Handyman Volunteer, LifeCare Edinburgh
  • Alexa Forte Volunteer Befriender, Positive Help
  • Amy Rowan Nash Educating Programme Support Volunteer, National Galleries of Scotland
  • Angus Thomson Volunteer Youth Worker (Senior Club), Citadel Youth Centre
  • Bella Szpunar Customer Service / Till Operator, The British Heart Foundation
  • Carol Graham Volunteer, St Columba’s Hospice
  • Chi Lee Visitor Engagement and Guide Volunteer, Museum & Galleries Edinburgh
  • Denboba Kiya Natie Volunteer Mentor / Volunteer Management Board Director, LINKnet Mentoring Limited
  • George Knight Walking Group Leader, The Stafford Centre
  • Gill Brown Volunteer, Bethany Christian Trust
  • Hilary Jones Trustee and Volunteer Business Advisor to Social Enterprise, Sikh Sanjog
  • Isaac Ayuso Volunteer Marketing Officer, The BIG Project
  • James Moir Starter Pack Volunteer / Newsletter Packing Volunteer, Fresh Start
  • Jenny Tizard ESOL Volunteer Teacher & Cycle Ride Leader, The Welcoming
  • Joan McConnachie Day Care Support, Queensferry Churches Care in the Community (QCCC)
  • John Casey Waste Wise Volunteer, Changeworks
  • Lynn Henderson Reid Volunteer Trustee / Volunteer Mentor, LINKnet Mentoring Limited
  • Mark Hardy Trustee, Canongate Youth
  • Martin Hinds ESOL Classroom Volunteer, Community-based ESOL
  • MD Noor Alam Day Care Volunteer, Milan SWO Limited
  • Michael Boland Volunteer, Venture Scotland
  • Naz Rathore Support / Assistant Volunteer, Milan SWO Limited
  • Nicol Johnstone Chairperson of the Sheltered Housing Liaison Group and member of the Edinburgh Tenants Federation Executive Committee, Edinburgh Tenants Federation
  • Nila Joshi Chair of the Edinburgh Women’s Interfaith Group, Edinburgh Women’s Interfaith Group
  • Pauline Whalen Volunteer Support Worker, WHALE Arts
  • Philip Grainger Volunteer Receptionist, RSPB Scotland
  • Piedad Ortega Volunteer Massage Therapist, Link Up Women’s Support Centre
  • Ray Chisholm Peer ICT Tutor, Pilton Equalities Project (PEP)
  • Reem Alshbib Translator & Community Engagement Volunteer, The Welcoming
  • Rissa de la Paz Innovation Champion, People Know How
  • Robert Richardson Active Branch Support & Branch Welfare Helper / Visitor, Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Branch
  • Sharon Robertson Volunteer, Edinburgh Tenants Federation
  • Sheena Ramsey Trustee / Human Resources Advisor, Sikh Sanjog
  • Taylior Munro Front of House Volunteer, WHALE Arts
  • Tim Malone Cash Desk & Customer Service Volunteer, British Heart Foundation
  • Val Clapton Volunteer Befriender, Home Link Family Support
  • Yordon Popov Waste Wise Volunteer, Changeworks

Ian McInnes Award

Pictured Ian McInnes at Volunteer Edinburgh.

Awarded to a Volunteer Involving Organisation in memory of Ian McInnes (1969 to 2017) in recognition of their contribution to improving equality and accessibility in volunteering.

This may be as a result of their creative approaches to reaching and recruiting volunteers; their flexible and inclusive ways of engaging with and supporting volunteers or how they share these techniques with other organisations to improve volunteering for all.

“I want councillors, politicians and people in power who can make a difference, to see the difference volunteering has made to my life and others like me and to acknowledge the part many organisations have played in this. If I can repeat the message enough times, maybe I will get them to sit up and pay attention and achieve something worth shouting about.” Ian McInnes

One organisation will receive this award at the City Chambers in recognition of their very real and important commitment to their volunteers:

With the support of over 270 volunteers, Citizens Advice Edinburgh provides free, confidential, independent and impartial advice on a huge range of issues in Edinburgh such as Benefits and Housing Advice, Health Services and Tax issues.

Volunteering at the Citizens Advice Office was a huge part of Ian’s daily life. It meant that he got out and about, met people, and it gave him a sense of worth. The Citizens Advice Bureau didn’t see Ian’s disability as a barrier. They were very much inclusive and bent over backwards to keep him involved in the organisation. When the access to one office meant that he could no longer volunteer there, they found him a role in another office where access wouldn’t stop him, hence why he managed over 27 years as a volunteer with Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

Ian’s family and Volunteer Edinburgh very much hope that the Ian McInnes Award will encourage other organisations to think the same way and create roles for volunteers no matter what issues those volunteers have. As Ian would have said, “just go for it” as you never know what positive experiences it might lead to for both the organisation and the volunteer!

Looking back

You can download the programme for the Inspiring Volunteer Awards 2017 here and view photos from the ceremony last year on our Facebook page here.