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Core Skills in Volunteer Management Unit 1

Involvement DATE TBC
Using volunteers within your organisation not only means you can achieve more but involving volunteers brings a unique added value to any organisation, but it needs a good solid foundation to make it work well.

Core Skills in Volunteer Management Unit 2

Recruitment and selection DATE TBC
Are you struggling to recruit enough volunteers or the right volunteers for the roles that you need? Effective recruitment is more than just asking people to help and it is very different from recruiting for paid staff.

Core Skills in Volunteer Management Unit 3

Support, supervision and challenges

The way to good retention of volunteers is good support and motivation, but volunteer programmes sometimes experience problems.

Core Skills in Volunteer Management Unit 4

Training and impact measurement DATE TBC
If you are involved in the training of volunteers then you need to know how to develop and deliver the best possible training, and how to evaluate the difference to volunteers and service users.


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