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paid staff

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Chief Officer

Paul Wilson

Director of Services

Marion Findlay

Finance Manager

Yvonne Caplan

Finance and Communications

Stephen Faithfull, Communications Coordinator
Petra Beuchert, Finance Assistant
Euan Hamilton, Asset Support Assistant

Core Services

Lara Celini, Core Services Manager (Job Share)
Julie Golding, Core Services Manager (Job Share)
Paul Bennett, Volunteering Advisor
Javier Tejera, Learning and Quality Officer
Clare Mangan, Volunteering Advisor

Health and Employability Services

Sarah Cleary, Health and Employability Service Manager
Christine Meldrum, Voluntary Work Coach
Joanna Sharp, Voluntary Work Coach
Nick Woodhead, Health and Wellbeing Development Officer

Local Opportunities for Older People (LOOPs)

Aleks Pacula, LOOPs Development Officer
Euan Hamilton, LOOPs Communications Assistant

Equality and Rights Network (EaRN)

Caroline Gibb, EaRN Development Worker
Euan Hamilton, EaRN Administration and Communications Assistant

Royal Edinburgh Hospital Hub

Angela Farr, Royal Edinburgh Hospital Service Manager
Katie Smith, Development Worker
Kathryn Kane, Development Worker
Logan Vaughn, Development Worker

North Edinburgh Timebank

Heather Yang, Timebank Coordinator

Dementia Friendly Pentlands

Petra Lipnik, Development Worker