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tommy mclean on membership

What do you think about becoming a member of Volunteer Edinburgh?  Did you know that we are a membership organisation?

What do you think about becoming a member of Volunteer Edinburgh? Did you know that we are a membership organisation?

Tommy McLean, one of Volunteer Edinburgh’s trustees, writes about his experience of membership and asks for your views. We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can use the contact form below to tell us what you think.

“I have been involved with Volunteer Edinburgh for many years, initially from when I was a Community Worker with Edinburgh City Council. One of the first things I did on retiring from work was to sign up as a volunteer with Volunteer Edinburgh. Initially I offered my services helping out with Good to Great Training courses and at events such as the Volunteer Recruitment Fair.

As someone who is interested in knowing about the organisations I’m involved in, and knowing that Volunteer Edinburgh is a membership organisation, I decided to sign up to become a member, as I saw it my way of showing my support for the organisation. I was happy to be seen as a supporter of the work and ethos of the organisation.

Through being a member I became much more informed about the organisation. Without members our organisation cannot exist. Its current constitution means that the majority of the Board of Directors must come from the membership.

I joined the Board of Directors in 2012 and have remained on the Board ever since.

It’s a fact that we have relatively few members compared with the number of organisations and individuals who use our services or volunteer with us.

As a longstanding member of the organisation I feel I have benefited through membership and would be interested to find out why only a few organisations and individuals take out membership. Is it that people are not aware they can become members? Is it that people feel there is no benefit in doing so?

As we approach the 2019 AGM the Board would be interested to hear your thoughts on the membership system, and how we can promote membership.”

Tommy McLean, Trustee of Volunteer Edinburgh

If you are interested in becoming a member of Volunteer Edinburgh, take a look at our membership page here or by clicking in the button in the sidebar (or below on mobile), where you’ll find more information and a membership form.

You can find our more about our Trustees here.