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25 Years at Volunteer Edinburgh

Our esteemed colleague and friend Marion Findlay recently celebrated a landmark 25 years at our organisation.

Marion is our Director of Services and I’m certain I speak for everyone lucky enough to know her, and those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting or working with her over the years, that she is one of the kindest, most supportive, and most compassionate people I know. Modest and humble, I think she hoped this anniversary would pass unnoticed. No such luck Marion.

Nan McKenna, a former Chief Executive of Volunteer Edinburgh had this to say of Marion:

“I remember when Marion first started working with Volunteer Edinburgh (or Edinburgh Volunteer Exchange as it was then known). It didn’t take long for us to realise what an asset she was to the organisation. She excelled at her job and, just importantly, her calm good humour, common sense and inherent kindness supported us all and helped – me especially – through several stressful times in the development of Volunteer Edinburgh.

The organisation is extremely lucky to still be benefitting from her many skills after 25 years. I am sure that the many volunteers and volunteer managers who have known her over the years will completely agree with this.”

And from our current Chief Officer Paul Wilson:

“Marion is part of the foundations of Volunteer Edinburgh. She has incredible knowledge and experience but most of all is always caring and always the voice of reason. We absolutely couldn’t do without her, so she can get rid of any irresponsible notions of retirement straight away.”

Pictured above are Marion and fellow colleague Sarah Cleary at the Queens’ Garden Party at Holyrood Palace back in 2014. You can view a handful of additional photos below.

Thank you from us all Marion for being such a superhero and here’s to another 25 years (that’s right – you can never retire – we need you too much!).