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Volunteering in Edinburgh 2019

Every two years we reach out to organisations in Edinburgh who involve volunteers and ask you to give us your opinions on a range of subjects around volunteering. You may remember helping us at the very end of 2016. Your responses are vital, they help us build a picture of volunteering in Edinburgh which in turn we use to educate and influence the public, politicians and funders on the importance and impact of volunteering. We use it both locally and nationally to inform and champion volunteering. We identify emerging trends which helps us to better influence Community Planning structures in Edinburgh on exactly how vital volunteering is to the health and well being of the city.

By taking part in this survey you can help us build a true picture of the successes and the challenges impacting volunteer involving organisations today in 2019.

As well as publishing a digest of what we gather from this survey, which we augment information from the Scottish Household Survey we also use the data gathered as part of Compact Voice, an updated version of which is due to be launched later in the year.

If you took part in our survey in 2016 then many of the questions asked in this survey may be familiar, the reason for this is that it allows us to track across time key issues around volunteering.

This years survey is shorter than previous years so it really wont take more than perhaps 10 minutes to complete. So please, if you involve volunteers in your work help us to quantify the impact cross the city by completing the survey.

Your participation is really vital. You are the voice of volunteering and it is our collective voice that has the best chance of influencing change. Thank you in advance.

Paul J Wilson
Chief Officer
Volunteer Edinburgh

This survey is currently closed

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