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Volunteering as a Route to Employment

Look who features in the latest edition of Working Capital. It’s Sarah Cleary, Christine Meldrum and Joanna Sharp from our Employability Team.

“Our key feature on page 6 focuses on volunteering as a route into employment. This comes at a time when Volunteer Edinburgh are celebrating the ten year anniversary of the start of their employability programmes.”

You can read the full article here or by clicking on the image below.

More relevant now than ever before?

“Volunteering has long been recognised as a way to help people on the road to paid work – it’s a great way to get experience, build skills, put on a CV, get a reference and make contacts

A quick glance round the workforce of many organisations – particularly those in health, social care and the third sector, shows that volunteering has been a vital stepping stone in the employment journey of many paid staff.

The service is unique in having volunteering at its core – it is the means by which people are supported to develop and build essential workplace skills and behaviours. This involves close collaboration with volunteer-involving organisations, many of whom are completely dependent on volunteers to deliver all kinds of important services such as social care, improving the environment and raising funds.”

Find out more about the project here.