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Supporting Ukraine

Волонтерство. Це просте слово з великим значенням.

Наша місія полягає в тому, щоб надихати людей займатися волонтерством, щоб вони могли поліпшити своє життя, життя інших людей і збудувати міцну спільноту. Волонтерство не тільки дає змогу полібшити життя людей, але й може змінити твоє життя на краще.

Волонтерство не тільки приносить користь вашому здоров’ю та благополуччю, але й може мати значення, коли шукаєш роботу чи починаєш навчання.

Ви отримуєте можливість знайти нових друзів, покращити свою англійську та бути впевненим що те, що ви робите, дійсно змінює світ на краще.

Приходьте поговорити з нами з понеділка по п’ятницю з 10:00 до 16:00 на Leith Walk.
0131 225 0630

How are we helping?

At Volunteer Edinburgh we are assisting people that are arriving from Ukraine who are leaving behind a life in ruins. We are supporting with supplies for people arriving into Edinburgh with nothing, and offering comfort with this difficult transition.

This small token of support helps to relieve the emotional burden of accepting a longer stay as a stranger in a foreign country without an end in sight.

Our volunteers are meeting and greeting people as they arrive at the Airport, and ensure that they are able to access the correct support for the next step of their journey, and a new life in Edinburgh. They are also helping at a regular coffee mornings and drop-ins at The Ukrainian Club in Edinburgh, and are assisting with sorting and packing at the Newbridge Warehouse to collate goods being transported to Ukraine.

We are guiding displaced people in our city as best we can, and offering comfort and kindness.

In an artitle entitled ‘Building communities’ on The University of Edinburgh’s Staff Magazine Bulletin, Inga Ackermann (who is among of our team of volunteers) discusses how she has been helping out:

With the help of Volunteer Edinburgh, I have managed to get sim cards, bicycles and laptops for children. Volunteer Edinburgh also helped me raise the issue of food provision for newcomers on the Super Sponsor Scheme during their first months. The amazing Leith community and my neighbours donated scooters, high chairs, clothes, children’s books and toys. My hairdresser and her whole family donated Easter chocolate eggs to children to celebrate their first Easter in Scotland. A community baker baked traditional Ukrainian Easter cakes.

You can read the full article on their bulletin webpage here.

Rust in Time

Alena Rogozhkina, a Ukrainian artist at Leith School of Art, invited a number of displaced people to her exhibition at Custom House at The Shore in Leith and it was a great success.

Volunteer Edinburgh and the Association of Ukrainian Clubs Edinburgh Branch coordinated to offer this experience to people that have newly arrived into Edinburgh.

Alena is also a Community Taskforce Volunteer that helps at Edinburgh Airport to welcome people coming to Scotland.

You can read more about her exhibition here, visit her Instagram here, and below are some photos from the event: