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Meal Makers is a local neighbourhood food-sharing project that connects people with a love for cooking who are happy to share an extra portion of home cooked food with an older neighbour (or “diner”) who might be unable or lack the motivation to prepare a meal for themselves. Meals can be shared once a week, once a fortnight or every now and then, at times to suit. It is designed to be a flexible volunteering opportunity based on an everyday activity.

About Meal Makers

Designed to be a fun volunteering opportunity based on an everyday activity, Meal Makers aims to tackle malnutrition and loneliness in older adults (55+), who struggle with the ability or motivation to prepare a home-cooked meal for themselves. As a Volunteer Cook Befriender, you will prepare an extra portion of food in your own home and deliver it to your 'Diner' at a time that suits you both. This opportunity is extremely flexible and meal sharing can occur as little or often as you like – weekly, fortnightly or just occasionally.

Experience Required

It is essential that the volunteer has some people skills and is able to communicate with others. No training or formal cookery experience is required - just the ability to cook basic, nutritious meals.

Training Details

Volunteering with Meal Makers is an informal role. We will expect all volunteers to apply to become a member of the PVG scheme (at no cost to the volunteer) and take our short hygiene quiz. We have an informal chat to get to know our volunteers a little bit better and there will be ongoing support available from the Meal Makers team.

Flexibility & Commitment


Flexible. We encourage our volunteers to commit 1 hour per week to their role as a Cook / Befriender, however we understand this may not be possible for everyone but would require at least 1 hour per month. Our team will pair you up with a ‘Diner’ that matches with your availability / expectations of the service.

Location/Travel Details

Meals are prepared at the volunteers’ home and delivered to the older person. We aim to match our volunteer cooks with a diner within walking distance but if you have a vehicle and are happy to travel a short distance, that is great! This opportunity is Edinburgh-wide and we regularly have new Diners signing up to the service. *COVID-19 - Currently all meal sharing reflects social distancing rules and our Cooks are dropping food off at the Diner's door and not going into the home.


No expenses paid.

Accessibility Details

  • Happy to have a conversation about volunteer’s needs