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Teacher Assistant

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers that want to collaborate with us as teacher assistants, supporting the teachers in managing the class, the materials, helping children in carrying out the activities and creating an environment where children can learn while they have fun.
Assistants have to be Italian mother tongue or have a good level of Italian.

About Girotondo Italian School

Our objects are: -the advancement of education through the provision of Italian language classes; -the advancement of Italian heritage and culture through language classes which also incorporate learning about Italian traditions.

Experience Required

The volunteer has to be Italian mother tongue or have a good level of Italian language, have some experience in working with children and young people between 5 end 17 yo, preferably but not necessarily in teaching.

Training Details

The volunteer will have a chat with the teacher to understand what he/she can expect during the lessons and how to interact with children. The real training is held during the lesson.

Location/Travel Details

Our courses are held at the Broughton High School, 29 East Fettes Avenue, Edinburgh, EH4 1EG Entrance from the car park gate


We will provide a form to claim expenses. We will pay via bank transfer.