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Near You Volunteer

Near You volunteers help us make life fully inclusive for deaf people and people with hearing loss and tinnitus. In-person volunteers welcome people to our services (meet & greet). Volunteers support hearing aid users by cleaning their hearing aids and replacing batteries and tubing. They provide tips for getting the most from hearing aids. We and NHS Lothians give our volunteers full training so they’re knowledgeable and confident setting up and using the hearing aid maintenance kit.

About RNID

Together, we will end the discrimination faced by our communities, help people hear better now and fund world-class research to restore hearing and silence tinnitus.

Experience Required

Essential: Reliable, friendly, approachable, committed, motivated and focused. Desirable: Understanding, patience and supportive, like working with older people. Knowledge of hearing loss would be great, but not essential as training will be provided.

Training Details

There is an online induction session which includes an introduction to deaf awareness. There is also hearing aid maintenance training delivered by NHS Lothians audiology. Access to other training such as tinnitus awareness, hearing check training and signposting training is also available to RNID volunteers.

Flexibility & Commitment


3 hours per month for 4 months.

Location/Travel Details

Our service is based in Libraries, Health Hubs and other community settings. We pay travel expenses and national mileage rates, although it is anticipated that travel will be local.


Volunteers complete an expenses claim form and submit to the project co-ordinator, who processes them and payment is by bank transfer within two weeks of submission.

Accessibility Details

  • Happy to have a conversation about volunteer’s needs