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Online Befriending for Children & Young People COVID-19

Online befrienders provide safe, supportive non-judgemental environments where young people and their befriender can; talk, play games, help with learning, and share stories. They are there to listen, to talk, and to understand to help encourage a successful transition in the young person’s life. PLEASE APPLY ONLINE FROM THE FOLLOWING LINK.

About People Know How (Edinburgh)

Our organisation's objectives are: 1. To improve the wellbeing of communities 2. To improve the health & wellbeing of disadvantaged individuals 3. To grow innovative programmes that drive sustained impact on the needs of communities

Experience Required

Befrienders are normal everyday people from all walks of life, with real life experience and a passion for people. They are good listeners, are empathetic and can relate to children and young-people. Above all else, they are non-judgemental and respectful of confidentiality. They have a sense of commitment.

Training Details

The volunteer will receive an induction to Outlook and Microsoft Teams The volunteer will receive full induction training to familiarise themselves with the charity and procedures The volunteer will receive role specific training where the role and safeguarding will be explained. The volunteer, intern or the student on placement will be given regular one-to- one guidance and support. During this support any relevant training that may be required will be identified and the volunteer will be offered suitable training to meet their needs.

Flexibility & Commitment

Home-Based Volunteering

1 hour per week

Location/Travel Details

Remote working


Expenses form, explained at induction

Accessibility Details

  • Happy to have a conversation about volunteer’s needs