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Minute Taker

The Minute takers main tasks will be to record everything that is said at our weekly meetings by summarising and recording key points. To help keep an accurate record of what is being discussed at these meeting so it can be referred to in future meetings and business operations.

About Libertus Services

To provide a day services for older people, frail older people and people with dementia in the South East Edinburgh area. Also provides social, recreational and educational opportunities for young adults who are effected by a disability or have special needs.

Experience Required

Listen attentively: You need to be able to accurately capture what is being said without missing any details. concise notes: stick to key points and avoid including any unnecessary information. Formatting: To keep notes neat and tidy

Training Details

Induction training is provided over a three day period depending on the volunteer needs and wants. It covers every aspect of the volunteers tasks and the organisations policies and procedures.

Flexibility & Commitment



Location/Travel Details

Libertus Serviced 20 Gracemount Drive Edinburgh EH16 6RN Libertus can be reached by buses: LRT 400, 7 and 11


Expenses are paid at volunteers request by petty cash

Accessibility Details

  • Happy to have a conversation about volunteer’s needs