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Volunteer Host for Eco-Christmas Gift Swap Fundraising Event

Your friends and family will love the gifts that will be new to them, and everyone will love saving money and time. And as if that wasn’t enough, your fundraiser will help support the amazing education projects funded by Feed the Minds throughout the world! Go through your home and collect all the unused items (that are still in very good condition). Then, invite your friends to do the same! Meet up, swap, and make donations for what you chose!

About Feed the Minds

For over 50 years, Feed the Minds has been running practical education projects supporting people living in extreme poverty to have a new start. We work with our local partner organisations to implement the practical life-enhancing projects focused on health education, citizenship, or economic empowerment.

Experience Required

You would need to be willing to organise and host this event with your close friends, or perhaps an even wider circle---like your church community, parent groups, etc.

Training Details

I am happy to support/advise in any way I can, every step of the way. Just get in touch!

Flexibility & Commitment

Residential Volunteering;Short Term Volunteering (3 months or less);Home-Based Volunteering;School Holidays;Term Time;Flexible


Location/Travel Details

These events could be held anywhere! In your home, at the town hall, in a church hall, in a park---anywhere!


No expenses.

Accessibility Details

  • Other (Please specify below)