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Exhibition Planning Group

People who have experience of mental health issues, and an interest in the arts, are invited to join the Planning Group for Out of Sight Out of Mind Exhibition.
It is organised by and for people who have experience of mental health issues. It is an annual open call exhibition and takes place each October at Summerhall in Edinburgh.
The Planning Group members use their own experiences and interests, and work as a group, to improve and shape the exhibition. The project is facilitated by a worker

About CAPS Independent Advocacy

CAPS is an independent advocacy organisation for people who use or have used mental health services. We are completely independent from the people who fund us and those who provide other services to the people we work with. We provide individual and collective advocacy in East Lothian and Midlothian. We also host several experience-led projects across Lothian.

Experience Required

We ask Exhibition Planning Group members to be willing to work as part of a team, to listen to others, and to aim to be non-judgmental.

Training Details

The project is supported by the Arts As Advocacy Manager at CAPS Independent Advocacy. An initial meeting to introduce the project and find out the persons interests, will take place. CAPS staff will always be present during project work. The group member can speak with the manager or other members of staff about anything they need support with.

Location/Travel Details

Meetings will mainly be online, or in person at our office at CAPS Independent Advocacy, Norton Park 57 Albion Rd, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY. In September and October at Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL


Expenses are claimed via a volunteer expenses form.

Accessibility Details

  • Happy to have a conversation about volunteer’s needs