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Community Taskforce Volunteer (NHS Clinics)

Community Taskforce support will be delivered to people across Edinburgh. This service is designed to support vulnerable and isolated people in the community by offering practical assistance with various tasks. This role is fundamentally for NHS clinics, however, other tasks you could get involved with include offering support after hospital discharge, prescription collection and deliveries, walking dogs, tidying gardens, accompanying people to get shopping or do the shopping for them.

About Volunteer Edinburgh

Our mission is to inspire more people to volunteer so they can enhance their lives, the lives of others and build resilient communities. We ensure that every volunteer involving organisation is able to offer an excellent volunteering experience. Using our expert knowledge we inform, educate and inspire our leaders on the benefits of volunteering for Edinburgh and its citizens. As an agency we are effective, well governed and managed and a great place to work or volunteer.

Experience Required

Willingness to abide by Volunteer Edinburgh’s Policies, including Identity Verification. Willingness to use support systems. Commitment to complete induction training. Essential qualities for this role are: a warm, friendly and welcoming manner; good communication and patience.

Training Details

Onboarding via online training and reference taking. A phone interview and YOTI ID verification.

Flexibility & Commitment

Flexible;Ad hoc

One 4 hour shift within a 3 week period

Location/Travel Details

Tasks are allocated within your vicinity.


Volunteers retain receipts and an expense form will be provided to complete and send into the office to process.