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Chef de Vie

Having set up at the start of the Covid-19 lock down we’ve created a community of hospitality and food workers helping each other and our communities.
We collect food donations and convert them into free meals for the food insecure citizens of Edinburgh.
We need professional chefs who want to keep their hands in the kitchen and help their communities.

About Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts

Alleviate Food Insecurity. Re-purpose and avoid food waste. Safe Guard Hospitality Workers. Create a supportive community for our volunteers. Unlock human and physical resources potential.

Experience Required

2 years professional kitchen experience. Elementary Food Hygiene. An active desire to put their skills to use to help their communities.

Training Details

Although we ask for 2 years of professional kitchen experience we recognise this will vary in abilities and aptitudes we currently have seven head chefs on the rota and so the knowledge and connections that can be gained with us could prove invaluable as we move into these uncertain times for our industry.

Flexibility & Commitment

Ad hoc

6 hour shifts available 7 days a week

Location/Travel Details

We are currently embedded in The Thomas Morton Hall of Leith Theater. 28-30, Ferry Road, EH6 4AE


Fill out and submit a transport expense form. Food is offered freely to all volunteers.

Accessibility Details

  • Happy to have a conversation about volunteer’s needs