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Call Companion

As a call companion, you will make regular telephone calls to a lonely and isolated older person. These calls provide a lifeline of friendship for our older people, and the regular, warm, friendly chats and companionship provide a vital link with the outside world from which they have become isolated. Tasks include committing to calling the older person you have been matched with two to four times per month at an agreed time and following the guidance in our call companion training modules.

About Re-engage

Re-engage exists to support older people who live alone and find it hard to get out in normal times. The Covid-19 crisis is particularly devastating for these people and many are feeling incredibly vulnerable, especially those with few family members or friends to talk to. In response to the crisis we’ve suspended our regular social gatherings and, with the help of our dedicated volunteers, have set up a UK-wide call companions service. Older people who are feeling alone can receive a regular friendly phone call throughout the crisis and beyond, for as long as they want it. No one should have to face this crisis alone. We won’t leave anyone behind.

Experience Required

Good conversation skills; an enthusiasm for making connections by phone calls; a friendly, empathetic approach; the ability to listen actively; patience; a good sense of humour; a passion for improving the lives of lonely and isolated older people; basic computer literacy.

Training Details

As one of our valued call companions, you’ll receive training from Re-engage, and support and regular communications from your call companion coordinator.

Flexibility & Commitment

Home-Based Volunteering

This is a long-term voluntary role, so we are ideally looking for individuals who are able to commit to volunteering with us for at least 12 months

Location/Travel Details

Home based


No expenses