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Board Directors

Scottish Volleyball (SV) is recruiting new board members to join us in our continued development of the sport and organisation in Scotland. We are looking for individuals with relevant skills and experience in the following:
– Finance
– Legal
– Technical
As a member of the Board of Scottish Volleyball, directors are fiscally responsible for the organisation and must register as a Board Member on Companies House.

About Scottish Volleyball

Scottish Volleyball is the National Governing Body for the all the volleyball disciplines in Scotland. Scottish Volleyball is responsible for the development and promotion of volleyball, beach volleyball and sitting volleyball.

Experience Required

- Strategic Planning. - Leading and Partnering. - Management of Financial Resources. - Engage in Policy Formulation and Consultation. - Induct New Board Members. - Attend Board Meetings, Annual Memberships Meetings and Key Sporting Events.

Flexibility & Commitment

Flexible;Ad hoc

Minimum 4 Board meetings a year, attendance at Cup Finals and other events throughout the season.

Location/Travel Details

Attendance is required at Board meetings up to 4 times a year to be held at our Edinburgh offices at 48 Pleasance. We also expect the Board to attend our big events throughout the year held at various sports centres around Scotland.


Claim only when acting above their capacity as a Board member such as attending international events on behalf of Scottish Volleyball.

Accessibility Details

  • Happy to have a conversation about volunteer’s needs