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Art Workshop Assistant

Helping in setting up space for art workshop.
Helping in promoting and advertising the art workshop.
Helping the participants during the art workshop.

About Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council

Edinburgh & Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC) has a remit to work across the areas of City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian Councils. The main objectives of ELREC are: To work towards the elimination of discrimination in all its forms, To reduce inequality and promote a culture of human rights, To promote good relations between persons of protected characteristics without distinction on grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, age and creed; and To promote and organise cooperation in the achievement of the aforesaid purposes and to that end to bring together in ELREC, representatives of the statutory authorities and voluntary organisations engaged in the furtherance of the aforesaid purposes within the Local Authority Council areas of the City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian.

Experience Required

Excellent communication skills. Interpersonal skills. Social media skills. Social skills. Artistic skills (not essential).

Training Details

There will be an induction session for all the volunteers. Q & A session

Flexibility & Commitment


2 hours per week

Location/Travel Details

14 Forth Street, EH1 3LH


Volunteers need to complete an expenses form and keep the receipts of their bus ticket and lunch in order to be able to claim. Thanks.