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Animal Fosterer

Fostering with pet Care Network involves taking care of someone’s pet in your own home for a week or two and to include them in your day to day routine. You may also be asked to collect and return pets to their owners after you have fostered them although alternative transport can be arranged if necessary. We are asked to care whilst owners are in hospital or respite care. The Volunteers and Fosterers from pet Care Network are ordinary people recruited on the basis of their love of animals.

About Pet Care Network (Edinburgh)

Pet Care Network's aim is to provide help for people with disabilities and social needs by offering short term fostering and support with various aspects of pet care. Our network of volunteers can help give them the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding and ongoing relationship with their companion animals for as long as possible.

Experience Required

Fosterers are ordinary people recurited on the basis of their love of animals and who have a genuine interest in helping other people and are willing to include other peoples pets in their day to day routine. Must have experience of caring for pets.

Training Details

Volunteers will be given a full explanation of what is expected of them as Pet Fosterers and they will have access to advice and backup throughout the fostering. They will have direct contact with a support worker who can advise them on any problems whic

Flexibility & Commitment

Term Time

. Minimum Commitment: 2 WeekFlexible

Location/Travel Details

Fostering for pet Care is done within your own home. If you are willing to collect the pet you are fostering it will only be from within Edinburgh and you will be reimbursed for your expenses.


Expenses are available for public transport or mileage rates are paid within one week of the fostering.

Accessibility Details

  • Named Contact For Volunteer