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Adult Volunteer

We help equip teenagers with all the things they need to cope with and enjoy the big and changing world they’re going into. As an adult volunteer with the sea cadets you will be required to undertake regulatory courses and there are plenty of opportunities to expand on other life skills: first aid, sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, rowing, power boating, communications, marine engineering etc. Female preferred.

About Edinburgh Trinity Sea Cadets

To provide personal development opportunities for young people in a maritime context. About half our juniors and cadets come from EH5 and EH6, many from disadvantaged backgrounds. The unit's name does not refer to the Trinity district. All our instructors and staff are volunteers.

Experience Required

Good interpersonal skills, leadership, commitment, punctual, patience, organisational skills etc. You're volunteering to mentor children aged between 10 and 18, and to provide them with life skills and confidence.

Training Details

Induction training is carried out during your first year - these training events will be during your weekend time in most cases.

Flexibility & Commitment

School Holidays;Term Time

Minimum commitment 18 hours per month.

Location/Travel Details

We are based at 8 Granton Square, Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh District Sea Cadet Corps. There are various LRT bus links to the area.


No expenses.