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Activities Group Leader

Planning and arranging a set time for this group and providing consistent classes. Planning content and organizing structure of the group. This can include mapping out 4 week content for the group, sourcing different materials (this will be funded for) and creating ‘projects’ and aims for people to work towards. The main objective is to have fun and support these individuals to learn new skills and try new experiences.

About Autism Initiatives Scotland

Autism Initiatives aims to: Respond where possible to the needs of individuals with ASD by developing meaningful dialogue with commissioners and parents; Develop and manage services distinguished by their excellence in their individualised understanding of the Autistic Spectrum, statutory requirements and accountability. In Scotland, Autism Initiatives manages Number 6, a one-stop shop for adults with high functioning autism or Aspergers Syndrome living in the Lothians. Autism Initiatives is a UK charity with a Scottish office.

Experience Required

Interest and passion in the specialist field or subject. Being able to forward plan and organize group activities, with the ability to be flexible depending on the ability of the individuals within the group. The ability to work with a group of individuals. Some knowledge of autism.

Training Details

Induction will take place by the manager of the service. Regular meetings with be planned thereafter to provide an opportunity to discuss their role.

Flexibility & Commitment

School Holidays;Term Time

Can be up to 8 hours per week (1 full day)

Location/Travel Details

490 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 3AF


No expenses.