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ACE IT Moose in the Hoose Coach

The purpose of this role is to use technology to support residents living in a care home and to help them to enjoy the everday benefits that IT can bring.
Specific Tasks Include:
Assist residents to use email and video calling to increase their social contacts.
Find new and interesting ways to engage the residents in activities and learning.
Assist residents to overcome the fear factor and realise that fun can be had from the computer in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

About ACE IT Scotland

"Making a difference to the lives of older people." ACE IT is a charity registered in Scotland number SCO 036315. ACE IT is a company registered in Scotland number SC279749. The Company seeks to: - A) Promote the recognition of the 50+ age group as a valuable resource, who are able to offer life experience, maturity, skills and time. B) Provide support to older people, who contribute skills to the community during their later years.

Experience Required

Essential qualities of this role are: Understanding of older people and their needs. Patience and understanding. Enthusiasm for helping others to enjoy the benefits of IT that we take for granted. A willingness to abide by ACE IT’s policies.

Training Details

Training will be given with an initial basic computer course ensuring that all volunteers will have a similar IT knowledge. Training will also be given on working in a care home setting and on the potential support needs of the residents. Any other relevant training that may be required will be identified and you will be offered this when necessary. All volunteers will have regular supervision to feedback on progress, discuss future development and air any issues.

Location/Travel Details

This will take place in one of the care homes we support in Edinburgh. A location will be decided based on the volunteers preference/location.


There is a form sent out quarterly that will need to be filled out. Expenses can be paid by cheque (if more than £10) or bank transfer.

Accessibility Details

  • Disabled parking
  • Happy to have a conversation about volunteer’s needs
  • Smart technology (eg tablets)