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(COVID-19) Virtual Support Centre Admin Assistants

Administrative Assistants – We seek to recruit personnel who could communicate in Mandarin and/or Cantonese to provide general assistance to our virtual Support Centre over emails and phone calls, redirecting clients to relevant organisations for specific problems. Administrative Assistants will also help talking with elderly for their enquiries and make note of potential victims or witnesses who report hate incidents / crime. We also welcome people who only speak one language English/Chinese

About Scottish Chinese Professionals

Scottish Chinese Professionals is the Chinese professional association in Scotland that aims to unite, support, develop and promote global Chinese professionals and Scotland-China professionals.

Experience Required

Can speak English and/or Chinese (Mandarin and/or Cantonese) Enthusiasm, patience Able to use office software

Training Details

Induction Training: Introduction to Scottish Chinese Professionals, our team and the work we do at the virtual support centre Conduct simulation training (such as how to do the communication and how to ask questions) Step by step instructions to be given on the procedures from accepting a call to making notes on each time people contact us. Email training will also be provided. and ask the volunteers to register formal email.

Flexibility & Commitment


Shift system, 2 times a week

Location/Travel Details

We are a virtual support centre , so we don't need volunteers to have direct contact with people


No expenses paid.

Accessibility Details

  • Wheelchair Access/Disabled Access Toilet