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community taskforce volunteers

Volunteer Edinburgh is now offering volunteers to assist people through our newly formed team of Community Taskforce Volunteers

Volunteer Edinburgh is now offering volunteers to assist people through our newly formed team of Community Taskforce Volunteers.

There are 470 ready and willing volunteers who can assist with all sorts of practical tasks and to help improve people’s circumstances.

What can we help with?

Currently our volunteers are: delivering newspapers daily to a couple in their 90s, taking bins downstairs, walking dogs, going on weekly shopping trips with a shopping list for people that cannot go to the shops to buy for themselves, tidying gardens, and we can assist in many other ways too. Often the volunteers can be found in the supermarket of choice for the individual(s) needing our help. We are even kitting someone out with a new wardrobe!

Community Taskforce Volunteers building relations with a dog and assisting the owner.

People with hearing aids that have been repaired in the NHS Audiology Department have had their hearing aid returned by our volunteers, and there is a pool of volunteers out every afternoon assisting to enhance people’s lives.

Community Taskforce Volunteers assisted with the delivery of these creative packs to families in the West of Edinburgh.

How do I request help?

If there is a task you need our help with let us know by clicking on the button below. We can usually respond to a request within a two hour window. No task is too small or too big to be considered and our our Community Taskforce Volunteers are here to help and deliver.

need support?

What about safety and security

Our volunteers will always observe the latest social distancing guidelines, and offer a personal connection for those needing assistance.

All our volunteers carry electronic identification or a letter from us to verify their identity, and have been checked and verified by us and Yoti*. Each and every one of our volunteers also receives training and guidance on their role.

So please get in touch and we will see what we can do. If you have any more general questions about the service you can contact us at


* Volunteer Edinburgh are working with Yoti to provide digital identification for our volunteers. You can find out more about this collaboration and our new electronic volunteer identification here.