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CSVM (online): Support, supervision and training

When? Unit 1 from Monday 16 November to Friday 20 November;
Unit 2 from Monday 23 November to Friday 27 November.
Where? Online via Volunteer Edinburgh’s Academy and Zoom.
How long? The total time commitment is 7 hours over two weeks (3.5h/week).
What does it cost? £50.


Support and supervision (week 1)

During this course you will learn how to put in place practical support structures that meet your needs and your volunteers’ needs. The way to successful retention of volunteers is good support and motivation, but even the best-run volunteer programmes sometimes experience problems. When volunteer management becomes challenging you need to be prepared and know how to deal with it.

Training (week 2)

To get the most out of your volunteers and to make sure that they deliver the best service for your organisation you need to train them effectively. If you are involved in the training of volunteers then you need to know how to develop and deliver the best possible training. Good training saves time and money.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Support and supervision;
  • Challenges that can arise when you manage volunteers;
  • Practical preventions and solutions;
  • Learning needs assessment;
  • Methodologies; and
  • Learning plan design.


The course is delivered over two weeks on the Academy and on Zoom.

  • Support and supervision (week 1) starting Monday 16 November
  • Training (week 2) starting Monday 23 November


Flexible Learning

Each week will require approximately 3.5 hours of study time, most of which can be done flexibly to suit you, but you are required to attend a weekly Zoom session on Friday. You can participate in the course at any time between Monday and Friday.

What does the course cover?

The course consists of several activities including self-study (reading) and forum discussions all of which can be done at your own pace on the Academy. There is also a weekly 1.5 hour, facilitated Zoom session each Friday to enable you to connect with other learners, reflect on your practice and learning, and share discussions. You will be able to select a time slot for the Zoom session that suits you best; we will have a maximum of six participants in each slot.

The estimated time required for each week:

What? Where?

How long?

Readings and interactive presentations Academy


Forum discussion participation and activities Academy


Chat discussion Zoom




We encourage you to participate in the forum discussions on the Academy as much as you can, as the idea is to share experiences reflecting on your organisation and your daily practice as a Volunteer Manager, and learn from each others’ experiences.


If you would like to participate please complete the booking form*. You will receive further instructions and your Academy login details a few days before the course starts.

* We will issue an invoice when you book. Payment is due before the course starts. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more please email