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CSVM (online): Involvement and Recruitment

When? Unit 1 from Monday 26 October until Friday 30 October;
Unit 2 from Monday 2 November until Friday 6 November.
Where? Online via Volunteer Edinburgh’s Academy and Zoom.
How long? The total time commitment is 7 hours over two weeks (3.5h/week).
What does it cost? £50.


Involvement (week 1)

Using volunteers within your organisation not only means you can achieve more but involving volunteers brings a unique added value to any organisation. Good volunteer involvement pays huge dividends but it needs a solid foundation to make it work well.

Recruitment (week 2)

Are you struggling to recruit enough volunteers or the right volunteers for the roles that you need? Effective recruitment is more than just asking people to help and it is very different from recruiting for paid staff.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Benefits of working with volunteers;
  • Motivations, expectations, needs;
  • Formal structures: volunteer policy, volunteer agreements, role descriptions;
  • Recruitment strategy and methods; and
  • Selection.


The course is delivered over two weeks on the Academy and on Zoom.

  • Involvement (week 1) starting Monday 26 October
  • Recruitment (week 2) starting Monday 2 November


Flexible Learning

Each week will require approximately 3.5 hours of study time, most of which can be done flexibly to suit you, but you are required to attend a weekly Zoom session on Friday. You can participate in the course at any time between Monday and Friday.

What does the course cover?

The course consists of several activities including self-study (reading) and forum discussions all of which can be done at your own pace on the Academy. There is also a weekly 1.5 hour, facilitated Zoom session each Friday to enable you to connect with other learners, reflect on your practice and learning, and share discussions. You will be able to select a time slot for the Zoom session that suits you best; we will have a maximum of six participants in each slot.

The estimated time required for each week:

What? Where?

How long?

Readings and interactive presentations Academy


Forum discussion participation and activities Academy


Chat discussion Zoom




We encourage you to participate in the forum discussions on the Academy as much as you can, as the idea is to share experiences reflecting on your organisation and your daily practice as a Volunteer Manager, and learn from each others’ experiences.


If you would like to participate please complete the booking form*. You will receive further instructions and your Academy login details a few days before the course starts.

* We will issue an invoice when you book. Payment is due before the course starts. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more please email