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community taskforce volunteers

Volunteer Edinburgh are offering one-off adhoc assistance to people through our team of Community Taskforce Volunteers

Latest Updates

An amazing 2800+ shifts have been covered by volunteers who are currently supporting the Health & Social Care Partnership/NHS in delivering the covid-19 and flu vaccinations in 9 locations across the city
On average 14 tasks are carried out each day by a community taskforce volunteer with 8600 tasks been carried out since we started on 7th May 2020
4100 hearing aids have been delivered and collected for NHS Audiology patients across Edinburgh

Help, just when you need it!

Volunteer Edinburgh are aiding people by offering volunteers to assist with practical tasks with a time limited approach through our team of 400+ ready and willing Community Taskforce Volunteers.

How do I request help?

Volunteer Edinburgh have partnered with cutting edge technology company Astrosat, enabling us to access the best technology to help people.

Our Community Taskforce Volunteers can help with practical tasks that you might need support with, and via Astrosat’s Action for Help site, getting that support is easier than ever.

Before you begin please familiarise yourself with our Terms of Service available to view and download from the sidebar (below on mobile) and when you’re ready simply visit our page on their site by pressing the button below and let us know what help you need.

What occasional and time limited tasks can we help with?

Support after hospital discharge, prescription collection and deliveries, walking dogs on a short term basis, tidying gardens, 10 minute door step chat, accompanying people to do some shopping or go to an appointment. We have an amazing success in going on shopping trips with a shopping list for people that cannot go to the shops to buy for themselves*. Often the volunteers can be found in the supermarket of choice for the individual(s) needing our help.

How we can help: Need some help with your garden? Our volunteers are available to help with garden tidying.

Please note that referrals and assistance with the collection and delivery of food parcels from the Foodbank is only in emergency situations and as the last resort, we will help if we can and if there is a volunteer available.

Often we can have a volunteer complete a task on the day of request as tasks are allocated on a local basis by a postcode match.

How we can help: Our volunteers can help with a whole range of tasks including collecting prescriptions.

People with hearing aids that have been repaired in the NHS Audiology Department have had their hearing aid returned by our volunteers, and there is a pool of volunteers out twice a week assisting this task to enhance people’s lives.

What about safety and security

Our volunteers will always observe the latest social distancing guidelines, and offer a personal connection for those needing assistance.

All our volunteers carry electronic identification or a letter from us to verify their identity, and have been checked and verified by us and Yoti. Each and every one of our volunteers also receives training and guidance on their role.

So please get in touch and we will see what we can do. If you have any more general questions about the service you can contact us at

Please note that we are now recruiting for new Community Taskforce Volunteers. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers please contact us at

* Please note that we are unable to cover the cost of shopping and our Community Taskforce Volunteers must be provided with cash to cover the goods requested.
Volunteer Edinburgh are working with Yoti to provide digital identification for our volunteers. You can find out more about this collaboration and our new electronic volunteer identification here.