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Pause For Thought

Sarah Cleary is the Health and Employability Service Manager for our Health and Wellbeing and Employability services.

In typical fashion, Sarah kept very quiet about something she was asked to do yesterday morning…

Following this year’s Inspiring Volunteer Awards held back in June when she delivered a speech (pictured below) to introduce the inaugural Ian McInnes Award, Sarah was asked by Frank Ross, Rt. Hon. Lord Provost of The City of Edinburgh to deliver a Pause for Thought at the opening of a full council meeting.

She did this this yesterday morning (following coffee with the Lord Provost in his office and a formal procession to the Council Chamber).

You can read the full text here.


Pictured Sarah Cleary delivery a speech about the inaugural Ian McInnes Award at the Inspiring Volunteer Awards 2018 back in June.


Pictured Citizens Advice Edinburgh, recipients of the Ian McInnes Award 2018 at the awards ceremony earlier this year.


If you heard it in June it is certainly worth reading again and if you haven’t heard it yet make sure you do. As expected it was really well received with lots of positive feedback afterwards, and she even got a hug from one of the councillors!

Thank you Sarah for representing us and Ian so well.