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Our Good Practice Guide wiki provides access to the best possible information on the involvement and management of volunteers

Good Practice Guide

Available below are links to articles on our new searchable Good Practice Guide that we have called VolunteerWiki that is linked into the practices of the Investing in Volunteers standard and our own excellent Core Skills in Volunteer Management (CSVM) training courses ensuring you have access to the best possible information on the involvement and management of volunteers *.

To access each guide please click on a link below and a separate tab will open to display the article on our VolunteerWiki. Alternatively if you would like to visit the main page of the wiki and search for articles you can access it by clicking here or on the VolunteerWiki icon opposite (or below on a mobile device).

Article 1Involving VolunteersArticle 2Creating a Volunteer Role Description
Article 3Developing a Volunteer PolicyArticle 4Recruiting Volunteers
Article 5Selection and ScreeningArticle 6Volunteer Agreements
Article 7Volunteer InductionsArticle 8Volunteer Training
Article 9Insuring VolunteersArticle 10Volunteer Expenses
Article 11Volunteer Risk ManagementArticle 12Volunteer Criminal Disclosures PVG Scheme
Article 13Supporting VolunteersArticle 14Volunteer Exits
Article 15Volunteers and Health and SafetyArticle 16Volunteering and UK State Benefits
Article 17Dealing with Volunteer ComplaintsArticle 18Volunteer Problem Solving Policy
Article 19Childcare for VolunteersArticle 20Involving Volunteers from Outside the UK
Article 21When Does a Volunteer Become an Employee?Article 22Measuring the Cost and Value of Volunteers
Article 23Defining Volunteering and InternshipsArticle 24Volunteers and Data Protection
Article 23Social Media and RecruitmentArticle 23Equality and Diversity in Volunteering
Article 23Volunteering and Employability Development New!Article 23Volunteers and Extra Support Needs New!
Article 23Support Workers and Volunteering New!

Our aim is to make VolunteerWiki the “go to” place for volunteer management information. We would very much welcome contributions from other volunteer management professionals who feel that they would like to help build this knowledge base. If you are an experienced volunteer manager and want to apply to become a VolunteerWiki contributor please contact Javier Tejera at

* The information contained within VolunteerWiki has been developed by Volunteer Edinburgh with support from Volunteer Glasgow.
Although most good practice in involving volunteers translates the world over, throughout VolunteerWiki there are, where appropriate, references to legislation. It is important for users to note that such legislation applies to the United Kingdom and users in other territories should ensure compliance and reference to legislation applicable in their location.
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