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FAQs Community Taskforce Volunteers

Information for volunteers and potential volunteers during the Covid-19 pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions – Community Taskforce Volunteers

When will I start to volunteer?

Most of the opportunities are short notice and ad hoc, so it's difficult to determine an exact day.

When will I be contacted?

Normally the day before or on the day the task is to be completed.

How will I be contacted?

Most of the time via email, but in some cases by phone, depending on the urgency of the task. If we send an email, we will include the specific information of the task to be done.

What happens if I can't do a task?

You will still be a Community Taskforce Volunteer and you will be able to fulfil another task in the future that suits you better.

Do I need a regular commitment?

No, you don't. Most of the tasks are one-off and ad hoc.

How does Volunteer Edinburgh identify tasks?

We have different referral routes. Some people needing help might contact us directly; others might come via Health and Social Care Partnership (City of Edinburgh Council & NHS) or other voluntary organisations.

How does Volunteer Edinburgh identify volunteers?

We will match according to your postcode and skills & experience identified in the application form, interview and reference.

Do I need to fulfil a task when I'm contacted?

No, you don't. You need to tell us if you can; if you can not, we will find other volunteers that can do the task.

I haven't been contacted yet, what shall I do?

Please be patient as each day we are receiving new requests, therefore tasks are permanently increasing.

Will I be required to assist with the provision of vaccinations?

We have received a number of enquiries about the role of volunteers in the provision of Coronavirus vaccinations. At this time our volunteers are not assisting with this but should circumstances change we will post details here.