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A Place to Grow

Earlier this year our Women Returners group concluded their employability course with a visit and taster volunteering session at Jock Tamson’s Gairden.


Ode to the Women Returners’ Employability Course

Planting lightbulb moments they enabled us to flourish
Tending to our deepest needs, with space and time nourished
Talents and accomplishments we’d long since disregarded
Helped us blossom from the shoots of progress that we’d started

Mindfully and carefully we learnt to dig within,
Turn fertile soil from turmoil and distraction of life’s din
Combining with the fruit of what was learnt on other courses;
Kinship with our peers with whom we drew on joint resources

The nutrients we’d need to thrive – grounded-ness and light
splashes of imagination, confidence, insight
And people who’d invest in us their expertise and care
To cultivate a garden bountiful and rare

And so, their work now done, our job to reap what they have sown
A season to replenish, show Auld Jock how much we’ve grown


Find out about Jock Tamson’s Gairden here, and find out about our Employability Service here.