Volunteering for Young People

Want to Get Involved in Volunteering?

It’s the perfect way to help your community whilst learning something new, making friends and having fun! There are opportunities to volunteer as a sports coach, cook, event organiser, stable hand and much much more!!
Inspired? Getting started couldn’t be easier:

Search this website for available volunteering opportunities. You can use the contact details provided to contact the organisation directly.

Under 18?

We've put togther a booklet which lists various organisations that use young volunteers aged under 18. It's split into sections for various ages and can be viewed / downloaded here Volunteer Opportunities for Young People Aged Under 18 Years

Saltire Awards

Don’t forget to collect your Saltire Awards with their associated Young Scot Points and make sure all your volunteering is recognised.

For more information and to get started see: www.saltireawards.org.uk

More information on Young Scot can be found here www.youngscot.org

Problems with your Saltire Award? Email saltire@volunteeredinburgh.org.uk

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