Looking Back At The Recruitment Fair

A hit! A palpable hit! That's appears to be the general consensus on this year's Volunteer Recruitment Fair.

The Fair saw hundreds of visitors turn up to mix and mingle with the charity stallholders, chatting to them about about their organisations and finding out whether volunteering could be for them.

Some  of the visitors and stallholders spoke to us about their organisations, volunteering and the importance of the fair:

Nim Kibbler from Edinburgh Garden Partners:

“There are four aspects to joining EGP. You're part of a community that teaches you about gardening and learning new skills. You're helping yourself by keeping busy and getting outdoors. You're helping someone else and you're also learning more about your community.”

Some visitors were concerned about their lack of experience or skills would limit what they could do, but were quickly put at their ease:

“I’ve been out of work for the last two years and thought there was nothing for me, but speaking to some of the organisations here has offered some real possibilities and new directions to look into.”

Vistitors also found that there were no barriers regardless of their background  or age to finding an opportunity.  To quote Alice Brown, Volunteer co-ordinator for The Yard:

“People find a lot out about themselves...finding their creativity and their ability to work one to one.”

The choice of opportunities on display also proved a winner:

“ I popped into the fair to see if I could find a little local charity to help out, by the time I left I had twenty leaflets for charities, some of which I didn’t even know existed.”

It’s clear that both organisations and individuals benefit from the fair and find it an invaluable resource.

Let’s leave the final word on the fair to Rosiaina Browning from ECAS befriending:

“Volunteer recruitment fairs are hugely important in raising awareness of the diversity of volunteering opportunities available.. There are so many worthwhile organisations to get involved with and they’re not asking for lot of time. Becoming a volunteer can really add value to someone.”

It might be a year away, but if you think that you could benefit from taking part in next year’s event feel free to get in touch with the Volunteer Centre Edinburgh to find out more.