We Are Accredited Investors in Volunteers

Hurray! VCE have won an award. Well technically we’ve been renewed for an award we already had, but if you think that’ll stop us celebrating you’d be wrong.

After first receiving the Investing in Volunteers Award from Volunteer Development Scotland back in 2009 we’ve been reassessed and our good work with volunteers has been given the thumbs up yet again.

Based on a number of criteria i.e. our commitment to volunteers, use of resources, diversity and procedures, everything we do was looked at and some of our 63 volunteers were interviewed about their experience of working with us. Their responses were fascinating and enlightening – not to mention a boost to our organisational ego:

On Volunteering:
“I get a lot of self satisfaction from giving and helping the elderly, it’s something that is very important to my culture. The smiles I receive in return are very rewarding”
(The VCE was responsible for ) - “making my dad proud of me for the first time in my adult years” and “keeping me out of hospital and healthy”. “Volunteering has been great to give me an identity, new friendships, laughter and purpose in my retirement”

On Diversity:
“It is great that volunteers are so diverse, some are full time employees in professional roles, some have lots of life experiences, others have professional mentoring qualifications; but we are each treated equally and contribute in different ways”.

On Development:
“I let it be known that I love typing and staff keep typing tasks for me especially which I really appreciate”

On Support:
“If I ask for help, I never have to wait, the staff member stops what they are doing and starts listening immediately”
“I really value the opportunity to chat and reflect on my progress as I am desperate to improve my practice and perhaps consider this type of work as a new career move one day”
“We were given great training over several weeks in all aspects of mentoring, working through practical examples of scenarios we may experience”.

It’s nice to be recognised and everyone likes a prize, but the real award for the Volunteer Centre is the knowledge that our volunteers feel we’re doing a good job.

So roll on 2015 and let’s see if we can make it a hat-trick.