Investing in Volunteers

Why choose Investing in Volunteers?

You have the volunteers and you have the skills and talent to manage them successfully. Isn’t it time to get recognition for that? Through Investing in Volunteers and our subsidy scheme that’s now a real possibility.

Volunteer management is what you do well. There are increasing demands on services and funding is always being stretched, yet you still give your volunteers the best possible experience. You need to after all, you need them and they deserve the very best you can offer.

Investing in Volunteers (IiV) isn’t just another recognition scheme with no real substance. It deals with real volunteer management issues and it works with your structure and your organisation to consolidate the best of your volunteer management and further develop your practice.

Through a series of simple steps, IiV allows you to reflect on the way that you currently manage volunteers, identify what can be further developed and put in place a plan of action that ensures you meet a nationally recognised standard.

IiV is a true national UK quality standard that is increasingly being seen as a “must-have” for organisations of all sizes. It is a recognisable brand, showing potential volunteers and funders that your involvement of volunteers is the best on offer. IiV is adaptable, practical, grounded in common sense and equally suitable for large nationals or entirely volunteer-led organisations.

In Edinburgh there is a unique support scheme too, funded the City of Edinburgh Council, which not only provides specialist support from us at the Volunteer Centre to help you achieve IiV, but also provides financial support which can help meet up to 90% of the cost of IiV.

Investing in Volunteers Testimonials

Here are some quotes from Volunteers Managers who have already gone through the IIV process

"We had some very good and established recruitment, induction and training practices. IiV helped us to recognise the good things we did and highlighted where the gaps in our support to volunteers lay. Setting a timescale, allocating tasks/activities and learning from the best practice of other organisations was a real motivation for us."

"The IiV process has reaffirmed my belief in the need to invest in volunteer management. It has encouraged us to formalise a lot ofexisting good practice, which means the way we work with volunteers will be more sustainable in the long run."

"I think that the IiV process is extremely valuable and encourages organisations to focus on the importance of excellent practice in volunteer management."

In this video Dan Fuller of Libertus explains why IIV was so beneficial to them.

100% of organisation who went through the IiV Process in Edinburgh so far would recommend IiV to another organisation.


Download Guidance on Applying to the IiV Edinburgh Subsidy Scheme.

Download an IiV Edinburgh Subsidy Scheme IIV Application Form
Full details of IiV can be found on the Investing in Volunteers Website.

Tom Lea

Tom Lea

Case Study Commission Training and IiV – Tom Lea, Festival of Spirituality and Peace

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