Want to volunteer?

If you want to volunteer then we are here to help.  We make it easy for you to find volunteering.  You can search our database of volunteering opportunities in the 'Volunteer Now' box on the right of this page or if you prefer you can come in to our offices on Leith Walk and speak to one of our advisors.   Find out more

Do you want some extra support? 

If you are thinking about volunteering yourself or if someone you support or care for is considering it and you would like a little more help and advice perhaps because of health, disability or past offences, you can come to one of our Health and Wellbeing Thursday Information Sessions.

These drop-in sessions give you or your client the chance to meet our Health and Wellbeing team and look at options.

The Health and Wellbeing team can help you or your client:

  • consider whether volunteering is the right option at the moment
  • think about what to take into account when looking at volunteering
  • look at what kind of volunteering opportunities are available
  • contact and make arrangements with appropriate organisations.

A further one-to-one appointment can be made to discuss particular circumstances if needed.

The Health and Wellbeing Team Information Sessions are held:

Volunteer Edinburgh, 222 Leith Walk, EH6 5EQ
Thursdays 2pm to 4pm

Walpole Hall, 23 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5AW
Thursdays 11am to 3pm

If you cannot attend these sessions for any reason or would like more information before you come, contact:

Sarah Cleary at sarah.cleary@volunteeredinburgh.org.uk
or telephone 0131 561 8307

Nick Woodhead at nick.woodhead@volunteeredinburgh.org.uk
or telephone 0131 561 8304

You can find more information about the Health and Wellbeing Team here.

Does Your Organisation Involve Volunteers?

If your organisation involves volunteers, or you are thinking of doing so, then we have lots of resources which can help you.

Register your organisation and opportunities with us for free to reach 60,000 potential volunteers in the city of Edinburgh.

Learn about volunteers management with our Good Practice Guides or undertake training from our expert staff.

Latest News

LOOPS: Help Older People

We are looking for volunteers to run a helpdesk and helpline for our new LOOPS project. LOOPs' aim is to provide information on activities for older people in Edinburgh. It is a preventative project to get isolated people involved in their communities and benefit from the social support they can provide.

Room Booking

We are now taking bookings for our lovely new conference room!

Membership, Impact Report, Annual Reports & Accounts

Impact Report 2015 - "I want to do something useful for mankind before I die. I enjoy what I do. We have a wonderful world and it is time I tried harder to fix it" 2015 Volunteer Survey - This is what we do. I’m delighted to share with you the 2015 Impact Report for Volunteer Edinburgh. Harriet Eadie, Chief Executive

Información en Español

¿No te sientes seguro hablando en inglés? Entonces ven a nuestra charla en español cada miércoles por la tarde, de 1.30pm-3.30pm.

Community Connecting: End Loneliness


Community Connecting is an innovative service that's being delivered across Edinburgh and directly helps isolated older people get involved in activities, in their local communities and take up hobbies both old and new. It has a huge positive impact on their quality of life.

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