EVOLVE: CPD for Volunteer Managers

10 Jun

A dynamic forum with a thematic focus that concentrates on your professional development. It's an opportunity for Volunteer Managers to get together, learn, share … Read more

April: Welcome to the Volunteer Centre

29 Apr

Are you part of an Edinburgh organisation involving volunteers? Do you recruit, support or manage volunteers? Come along and find out all about the services we can … Read more

Emotional Intelligence - One Off FREE Event

16 Apr

Get where you are going … by understanding where others are coming from. Read more

CSVM Unit Five: Training Your Volunteers

15 Apr

To get the most out of your volunteers and to make sure that they deliver the best service for your organisation you need to train them effectively. If you are inv … Read more

CSVM Unit Four: Dealing with Volunteer Management Challenges

1 Apr

Even the best run volunteer programmes sometimes experience problems. Volunteers can become unhappy, perform poorly or even break the rules. The impact can be seri … Read more

Core Skills in Volunteer Management

Our 5 part course in volunteer management.

Bespoke Training

We also provide training courses on a commissioned basis for individual organisations.

“Evolve: Training for Volunteer Managers”

Our next Evolve meeting will be on February 4th. Come and have your view on volunteering in the City at our special Compact 10 event.

Good to Great: Support for Your Trustees.

Find about training to support some of your most valuable volunteers - your trustees.