What we do

Our mission is simple:

Our mission is to inspire more people to volunteer so they can enhance their lives, the lives of others and build resilient communities.

Our Values

  • Everyone has the right to offer their time to volunteer.
  • Every volunteer has the right to have a great volunteering experience.
  • Volunteering is always a matter of free choice.
  • Volunteers must never be a direct replacement for paid workers.
  • True volunteering is for the benefit of the social community, the individual and Volunteer Involving Organisations.
  • We believe that involving volunteers enhances organisations.

Our Strategic Outcomes (or...what we aim to do to meet our mission)

  • We inspire and enable people to volunteer.
  • We ensure that every volunteer involving organisation is able to offer an excellent volunteering experience.
  • Using our expert knowledge we inform, educate and inspire our leaders on the benefits of volunteering for Edinburgh and its citizens.
  • We inspire the development of volunteering opportunites which bring benefit to the community and enhance social capital.
  • As an agency we are effective, well goverened and managed and a great place to work or volunteer.

Volunteer Centre Edinburgh is a Company Limited by Guarantee and is Registered in Scotland No. SC202631 and a Registered Scottish Charity SCO29681.