Service Status

Problem: Training and Induction details missing from voluntary opportunities listings

Information: This is due to an error in the information we receive from an external party. They are implementing a fix however this will not be in place soon.

User action: We do have this information but cannot display it on the website. If you call our office during working hours on 0131 225 0630 we can tell you over the phone or please visit our Contact Page to get our phone number or send us an email.

Problem: HTTP 500/502/503/504 Internal Server Error while browsing pages or submitting forms

Information: This error should now be fixed. If you come across it please notify us using the link at the bottom of this page.

User action: Please try to reload the page after 30-60 seconds.

Problem: Occasional incorrect location/distance results while searching for volunteer opportunities.

Information: This is an ongoing issue related to a third party geolocation service. It is currently being investigated but we have no definite timeframe for its resolution.

User action: Please try your search again.

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